Patchouli 3-in-1

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A pleasant patchouli scent that lingers

very enjoyable lingering scent

Patchouli 3-in-1

I was a bit disappointed that the 3-in-1 wasn't as fragrant as the *just* Patchouli bar. Next time I'll just buy the Patchouli soap. :)

Francine Macra

This 3-1 patchouli soap makes my thin air so much fuller and healthy looking! My husband loves the soap as well. Thank you for such a wonderful product. Looking forward to visiting your boutiques on our travels!

Hey Francine,

We love to help people free great in their skin- and hair too! Glad you're both getting to enjoy our products. We hope we get a chance to see you during your travels too!!

Check your email for a coupon code from us :)

Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team


My g/f bought me a dozen bars in September after being given a bar from a hair dresser and loving it. I have 2.5 bars left now. I havent used shampoo or any other soap since. I absolutely love it and recommend it to anyone. Coming for 2kg next trip.

Hey S.S

Thanks so much for your continued use! We love making products to help people feel great in their skin!
Please check your email for a coupon code as a thank you!

Be Well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Heather Burlingham

I initially purchased your soap at Sobeys and loved the smell. What I recently purchased has little to no scent. Very disappointed.

Hello Heather,

Thank you for choosing our products at your local Sobeys. . . I'm sorry & concerned that the bars you purchased directly from us have disappointed you.

I wonder, please, if you could help us trouble shoot this? They were purchased a couple months ago & we don't have any of the batch they would have come from left in stock for me to check personally.

Could you please cut each of them open to smell if the scent is stronger inside? The soap will still be fine to use & will even last longer in smaller size.

I ask about the scent inside to see if perhaps they off-gassed more quickly than usual, which can happen when bars are stored in a warm place or sunlight. The essential oil is too fragile to withstand a lot of heat & sunlight.

Also, I want to make absolutely sure you are content, so we will send you four replacement bars. I personally checked the ones currently in stock & they smell great.

Finally, thank you again for sharing your observations with us. I'm most interested to hear about the scent when the bars are cut from you & wish you a simply wonderful 2023. Leigh <3